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The theme for our 7th supper club at
Brockham Village Hall, Brockham, Surrey
2nd July 2022 is Mozart - A Musical Joke

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his divertimento for string quartet and two horns, K. 522, in 1787, the same year that his opera Don Giovanni premiered. Mozart titled the four-movement piece, “Ein musikalischer Spaß,” which is usually translated as “A Musical Joke,” though a more accurate translation would be “Some Musical Fun.” It has long been thought that the work was meant to parody the compositions of lesser composers—in its annoying repetition of simplistic musical ideas, poor orchestration, and wrong keys—and the poor skills of many musicians of the era, in its seemingly out-of-tune playing and sloppy ensemble. (Indeed, the musicians seems to botch disastrously the very end of the work.) But Mozart has left us no clues as to his intentions in creating this innovative piece, which also pioneers the technique of polytonality adopted by later composers.

“Ein musikalischer Spaß” consists of these four movements:

1. Allegro (sonata form), F major
2. Menuetto and trio, F major (trio in B-flat major)
3. Adagio cantabile, C major
4. Presto (sonata rondo form), F major
(taken from The Imaginative Conservative publication 2017)

To perform this extraordinary work we are delighted to welcome the Primrose Quartet from the Royal Academy of Music, who will be joined by French horn players, George Andrews and Benjamin Hartnell-Booth.

Once again, our Master of Ceremonies, Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge will direct the evening, Chef in Residence, Mary Ince will conjure up a feast appropriate to our composer, his chosen composition, and time in history, whilst our sommelier, Corinna Osbourne-Patterson will curate thematic wines for the occasion.

David Jaggs.jpeg

Mary Ince

David Jaggs.jpeg

Chev. Richard Winter-Stanbridge

David Jaggs.jpeg

Corinna Osbourne-Patterson
Resident Sommelier


Cost of £45 per person includes a Welcome Drink, Canapés, 3 Course Dinner & Entertainment and a donation to charities related to music training and benevolence for musicians in need. The event includes a Raffle to further support these charities.

Curated wines will be available for purchase to accompany your meal and there will also be a cash bar.
The event includes a Raffle and Auction to help charities who support musicians and music education.


Brockham Village Hall, RH3 7JJ.
Saturday, 2nd July 2022, 7-11 PM


Please ask before the event if you have any dietary requirements or queries. Thank you.

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