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George Gershwin

The theme of our 13th supper club at Brockham Village Hal, Brockham, Surrey 2nd September 2023 is: George Gershwin - A Classical Jazz Dinner

George Gershwin was one of the most significant American composers of the 20th century, known for popular, stage and screen numbers, as well as classical compositions.

George Gershwin dropped out of school and began playing piano professionally at age 15. Within a few years, he was one of the most sought-after musicians in the United States. A composer of jazz, opera, and popular songs for stage and screen, many of his works are now standards. Gershwin died immediately following brain surgery on July 11, 1937, at the age of 38.

Gershwin was born Jacob Gershowitz on September 26, 1898, in Brooklyn, New York. The son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, Gershwin began his foray into music at age 11 when his family bought a secondhand piano for Gershwin’s older sibling, Ira. Having a natural talent, it was George Gershwin who took it up and eventually sought out mentors who could enhance his abilities. He eventually began studying with the noted piano teacher Charles Hambitzer, and apparently impressed him; in a letter to his sister, Hambitzer wrote, “I have a new pupil who will make his mark if anybody will. The boy is a genius.”

We are in discussion to engage an internationally renowned Gershwin specialist to provide the live performance for this event and will publish name/s shortly.

Once again, our Master of Ceremonies, Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge will direct the evening, Chef-in-Residence, Mary Ince will conjure up a feast appropriate to our composer, reflecting on his cultural and American background. Wines will be curated for the occasion with New York tastes in mind during Gershwin's lifetime.

David Jaggs.jpeg

Chev. Richard Winter-Stanbridge

David Jaggs.jpeg

Corinna Osbourne-Patterson
Resident Sommelier

David Jaggs.jpeg

Mary Ince


The cost of £45 per person includes a Welcome Drink, Canapés, 3 Course Dinner & Entertainment and a donation to charities related to music training and benevolence for musicians in need. The event includes a Raffle to further support these charities.

Curated wines will be available for purchase to accompany your meal and there will also be a cash bar.

The event includes a Raffle to help charities that support musicians and music education.


Where: Brockham Village Hall, RH3 7JJ. When: Saturday, 2, September 2023, 7-11 PM


Please ask before the event if you have any dietary requirements or queries. Thank you.

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