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Antonín Dvořák - Bohemian Maestro!

The theme of our 16th Nocturne Supper Club at
Brockham Village Hall, Brockham, Surrey
30th March 2024 is: Antonín Dvořák - Bohemian Maestro!

Antonín Leopold Dvořák (September 8, 1841 – May 1, 1904) was a Czech composer of the late Romantic period, and his music is known for its vivid melodies, rich harmonies, and colourful orchestration. His music often reflects his Czech roots and love for the folk music of his homeland. Dvořák’s music covers a wide range of genres, including symphonies, operas, chamber music, and choral works. Some of his most famous compositions include his “New World Symphony” and his “American” String Quartet.

One of Dvořák’s most important contributions to music was his use of folk elements in his compositions. He drew inspiration from the traditional melodies and rhythms of Czech folk music, which he incorporated into his works. He believed that this approach gave his music a unique and authentic character, and helped to establish a distinctive Czech national style.

Dvořák’s music is often characterized by its warmth, optimism, and emotional expressiveness. He was a master of orchestration, using a wide range of instrumental colours and textures to create vivid and evocative musical landscapes. His music is also known for its rhythmic vitality and its use of syncopation, which adds a distinctive sense of energy and excitement.

Once again, our Master of Ceremonies, Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge will direct the evening, and Chef-in-Residence, Mary Ince will conjure up a feast appropriate to our composer, Antonín Dvořák, his compositions and time in history. She has come up with a truly authentic, traditional Bohemian menu for this occasion!

Our wines will be selected from various wine regions of Europe.

This Nocturne Supper Club will feature the magnificent talent of the Mazaika Duo (Igor Outline - Accordion and Sarah Harrison - Violin), who will play a selection of Dvořák masterpieces during our live performance sequence.

David Jaggs.jpeg

Chev. Richard Winter-Stanbridge

David Jaggs.jpeg

Mary Ince


The cost of £50 per person includes a Welcome Drink, Canapés, a 3-course dinner, Audio-visual and Live Entertainment and a donation to charities related to music training and benevolence for musicians in need.

Curated wines will be available for purchase to accompany your meal and there will also be a cash bar.

The event includes a Raffle to help charities who support musicians and music education.


Brockham Village Hall, RH3 7JJ
Saturday, 30th March 2024, 7-11 PM


Please ask before the event if you have any dietary requirements or queries. Thank you.

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