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Nocturne is a Supper Club offering an unforgettable, immersive and interactive

culinary experience, set to classical music.


NOCTURNE is a unique classical music supper club, run by the Gigantic Worx Foundation. Special dinner events are set up in local communities, inviting people to enjoy a stylish evening out, joining in lively and entertaining social discourse around themes related to music composition and the musicians who perform them.  

Seafood Ceviche
Main Course Gourmet Meal

Music and food are an intrinsic part of human life. One nourishes the body and the other feeds the soul! They are the perfect accompaniment to each other, which is why our supper club chefs and sommeliers are set the task of providing regional food and wine to compliment the musical theme of the evening.

About us

Nocturne Supper Club is the brain child of Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge and Dr. Mary Ince. They are seasoned advocates for the Performing Arts, Music Education, and Energy related issues respectively. As directors of Gigantic Worx Foundation, which promotes and supports music education and music performance as an essential part of life, they are engaged in developing events in the U.K. Each event is designed to support institutions and foundations involved in promoting the teaching of music, and also those helping musicians sustain their careers. 

The Nocturne Supper Club, launched in Brockham, Surrey on 2nd October 2021,

and created the portal for many more like it to develop in villages throughout the U.K.

If you are interested in forming a Nocturne Supper Club in your area, click here for more information.

Gourmet Lunch

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Salmon Fillet





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